You at Christmas

Miss-Giving Sidesteps the Season

I’m Inconvenient. Are You?

Al Gore’s film about climate change, “An Inconvenient Truth”, made a big splash and was aptly name. But increasingly humanContinue reading “I’m Inconvenient. Are You?”

The Unwanted Mother

Right now I have an 89-year-old friend who moved away from her lifetime residence and cadre of friends to aContinue reading “The Unwanted Mother”

At Home with Women’s History

Inventions are just another way people are creative.  Women excel in creativity, and have focused it on whatever arena theyContinue reading “At Home with Women’s History”

Lighting the Mother Shadow

For some women Mother’s Day is not an easy day. Daughters of mothers who could not nurture them experience emotionalContinue reading “Lighting the Mother Shadow”