Congratulations to Suzanna J, $1,000 winner of the first RBB Thriver Grant!

Suzanna J, Winner of the First

Redemption from Biblical Battering Thriver Grant

Susanna exemplifies the deep work needed to be free of toxic beliefs and avoid re-engaging in another toxic relationship.

Her story is exceptional because she overcame not one, but two different types of relationships that wounded her in the name of God.

As many of us, she had unrecognized PTSD. She got the courage to leave a husband who wanted to keep her in bondage because of  his own insecurities. She felt she was on her way, but because she had not had a recovery program, and some faith messages still enforced guilt, she fell prey to a manipulator who knew how to appeal to her emotional needs without appearing triggering, until after the vows were taken.

She had struggled for over 20 years with torment as she wrestled with messages that still blamed her for leaving one husband.  She also was parenting her daughter and had concerns about another break in her child’s life.

Religious domestic abuse creates deep, convoluted and major deconstruction in the very soul of the victim. In the workbook, Suzanna began to gain deeper understanding and validation to break the trauma bond. The deeper layers of wounds needed healing and require professional help if she was not to be revictimized.

Now receiving trauma-informed therapy and living in a fresh and deep relationship with God, she is slowly rebuilding her health on all levels: spiritual, emotional, mental and spiritual.

RBB rejoices with her in awarding the full amount of $1,000 to provide relocation and transportation expenses.

Read Suzanna’s story in her own words under Survivor’s Stories.

Congratulations, Suzanna!

If you read the workbook and would like to apply for the quarterly grants of up to $250, email the application from under “Grant”. Awards are made on the 15th of April, July, October, and December. Apply by the first of those months.

RBB THRIVER  GRANT for workbook readers

Many RBB workbook  readers who leave religious domestic abuse find that the first year is challenging financially. Sometimes they may not receive promised payments. They may incur new expenses or discover new costs during the transition.

The supporters of Redemption from Biblical Battering’s mission understand this need. One applicant from readers will be chosen for a quarterly grant of up to $250 or an annual grant of up to $1,000 to receive assistance for needs, except for legal fees. 

To apply, complete the application below.

Awards are made on the fifteenth of April, July, October and December. 

Application:  RBB* Thriver Grant

(all information is held in confidence)




The abuse was ____domestic ____used faith to control me.

Are you applying for ___quarterly or ____annual award?  

Amount _________

How do you see the grant being used?________________________


Email_______________________ _________________



Email this  to  or Fax this form to 1-877-649-6014

You will be contacted for an interview.

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