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“New Owner Brings New Life,” Northland Lifestyles Magazine,                    December, 2017.

“More Than A Physical Practice, What Is Yoga Anyway?”,

                http://evolving magazine, October 2017.

_________”Mobile Recovery,” March, 2017

__________”Valuable Expertise for Families from Life Care  Professionals.“, March,  2016.

Spend Your Money Well: Cost-Effective Marketing Tools.,  February 28, 2016

3 Sneaky Ways College Students Accidentally Lose Credits…and Money., June, 2016

“Putting Your Business on the Fast Track with Executive MBAs”,                Small Business Monthly,  December, 2002

__________“Exit Interviews: Key to Employee Retention”, May,                2001

__________“Reach for Success with Innovative School to                           Career Programs”May, 2000.

__________“Link up with Innovative Educational Programs”,                         December, 1999

__________“Employee Retention”, December, 1998

“Twenty Minutes and Counting,” Counseling Interviewer, Winter,                1999

“Taking Care of Your Best Employee – You”, SBM, May, 1999

The Impact of Academic Freedom on Critical Thinking Instruction,” Insight, Vol 1., No. 1,Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, Park University 2005,  p. 52.