Customized Journals


Have you ever had a pressing problem or issue that you thought journaling might help? But when you go to look at journals, they are confronting you with terrifying blank pages? Or you browse the topic journals but come up empty?

With my broad background in education, counseling and personal development, I can customize a 30-day journal for you. Here’s a sample of one I developed recently for a friend of mine who was struggling with money issues:

Day One:  Write about the messages you received growing up about money.

This is an important activity because we all carry often mixed messages about money into our adulthood. These beliefs may or may not be borne out by our actual experiences with money.

For example, my mother thought my father was extravagant when he would buy me something. My father thought my mother was a harpy because she was never happy with the amount of money he made. I was shocked to discover, years later from my older sisters, that my father was too tight to send my sister to the Catholic parish school when they wanted 10 cents a week tuition (yes that’s not a typo) and that was why we switched parishes. Or finding my mother’s little brown book years later with every     single    penny   spent recorded.  Or that my mother was still paying her father back for loans even when I was out of high school.

So I received many messages that impacted  how I viewed money, what I thought of myself in relationship to money, and how I used money. None of them were positive.

Beginning at this journal entry, I unscrambled these messages. After I had excavated them, I could begin to compare them to my experiences and see how they have removed me from the adult status I needed around this issue.

I would love to assist you through a customized journal. Let me  hear from you! or, if you liked this post,  just leave a comment about how journaling has helped you with your issues.




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