Better Than PokémonGo


I have a much simpler way to escape office stress. These are my top 20 coping skills and they don’t get me run over in the street. Steve Carrell missed his chance by not showing these on The Office.


1.Make a maze of spaghetti (cooked or uncooked).

2. Read the dictionary upside down and look for secret messages.

3. Stare at people through the tines of a fork and pretend they’re in jail.

4. Write in a journal while at meetings.

5. Make faces in the mirror.

6. Keep crayons handy.

7. Add to the world’s largest paper clip chain you’ve started.

8. Keep a jar of Playdoh handy.

9. Fill out a form in Roman numerals.

10. Construct models with plastic forks.

11. Look through a straw.

12. Make a necklace or tie with foam peanuts.

13. Punch holes in paper with push pins in patterns and hold it up to the light.

14. Strum the wire bound edge of notebooks with a pen or pencil.

15. Dress your computer mouse up in Barbie or Ken fur coats.

16. Display pictures of past administrators in your own Hall of Fame.

17. Send an empty addressed envelope to your favorite colleague with “Check Enclosed” written on the outside.

18. Assign a mental number to the favorite phrases of your colleagues.

19. Mentally assign your least favorite tasks to celebrities on your list.

and the best one of all for those days when you absolutely can’t go home….

20. Make a file cabinet fort and hide in it.


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