The 1-5 Food Plan

I am a believer in the idea that what we focus on increases. What we are thankful for increases. And that our attention creates our intention.   bottled-water

What if I applied this to my food choices each day? I challenged myself recently to try an experiment. If after a week  it didn’t help me feel better about my eating, so be it. I had 7 days of not feeling bad about what I ate. You may want to try it longer, but I would think 21 days or 3 weeks would be enough to know how you feel mentally and emotionally about your eating.

It goes like this.

In this approach to eating accountability, no attention is given to what you think you shouldn’t be eating. Nothing “bad” is counted each day.

Instead you automatically try for bigger, not smaller, numbers. So you feel like a winner.

In 3 meals a day, there are a possible 15 points or 105 points during a week

Your  first protein serving is worth 3 points.

Each additional protein serving is worth 1 point.

Your first vegetable is worth 2 points.

Your second vegetable is worth 3 points.

And your third and any additional vegetable serving is worth 2 points.

A fruit serving is worth 1 point. 2015-03-06-16-13-26

For example, for breakfast I had protein – that’s worth 3 points.

For lunch I had a protein and 2 vegetables. That’s worth  6 points (first vegetable, second vegetable, and a protein.)

For supper I had a protein, a fruit, and a vegetable (1 + 1 + 2 = 4 + 9 = 15 ).

Do not count anything else you eat, I don’t care what it is. In other words, you get no credit for eating anything other than protein, vegetables and fruit.

Don’t play with it. Just focus on getting your 15 points. If you go over, that’s ok. But try to get in your 15 points each day.

That’s it! I’d love to hear from you on how this worked for you. Did it increase obsession? Gradually shift your attention away from other foods? Of not work at all?

Hope it is a positive experience for you!


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One thought on “The 1-5 Food Plan

  1. I didn’t use this point system of course, but this was how I approached food in 2000 as I lost 90 pounds. I had a certain amount of each kind of food I had to eat and it was sometimes really hard to get them all in. Eating became almost a chore sometimes, but overall, it was much more enjoyable than other diets I’d been on.
    Your system is even better because it rewards you more for eating veggies. I’m thinking about trying this!

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